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Staying above where negative feelings pull you down

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Staying above where negative feelings pull you down

Sometimes when you’re working through stressful times, that stimulus calls up in you, deep, past hurts. So the downer vibration you’re feeling now, is at the same frequency as the past hurt. So one makes it fertile for the other and that’s a simplified explanation of why it’s hard for you to get out of the funk… But once you are able, and for whatever reason, you’re now not in the negative vortex, try to be with and understand where you’re at right now – be specific so you see that maybe where you are, what you’re doing is keeping or has put you above the frequency where the negative feelings were pulling you down. You are stabilized in this condition… what is different and natural to you? This is part of your practice and with practice, this awareness helps you to shift out of unproductive negative space faster each time you feel these frequencies. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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