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Sourcing Yourself From Love

Sourcing Yourself From Love

You may find that you’re feeling a bit anxious and unsettled right now. That’s typical as we arrive at a New Moon. It means you’re experiencing the exhale, you are letting go of old energy – and as it departs it’s also picking up and attracting more similar vibrational triggers in you.

So be aware that you have your own stuff AND you’re also working thru the energy of the collective conscious and how you relate to and in that. It reminds me of the Tao: “Because one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others’ approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her. Care about people´s approval and you will be their prisoner. Do your work, then step back, the only path to serenity.

This is the time to feel comfortable with your values and your principles. This is a time when world view and what’s acceptable will change too. The rest of 2022 will continue to devolve into various issues that will stack on each other and create bigger and bigger problems for our society. You will be feeling some conflict between how you believe things should be versus how they are, or how they will be going.

This is the theme for the remainder of this year. It’s really important that you are grounded and are responding and not reacting to what you’re seeing happening around you. It will be easy to mirror or match the negativity being blasted out by others if you get caught up in the heat of the moment.

So what’s important right now? Love. Sourcing yourself from love will give you the pause you need to look before you leap. Let love give you added understanding and patience during this time so you’re not fueling yourself from fear and anger.

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