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Soothed by Creation’s love

Soothed by Creation’s love

Today’s energy reading is dedicated to my friend, Lady Pamala.

The last few months have been like the tide. Each time a wave of energy comes, it’s more powerful, recedes and then a new wave comes in, rising more each time. So the intensity and added anxiety you are feeling is an outside thing affecting how you feel on the inside.

It’s a lot of energy to process and when the flow is larger than what you can take in, the overflow comes out in different ways for different people… that’s why we see in general, emotions are amped up… so more sadness, anger, anxiety, etc…

When the energy is like this, try to create some moments for yourself where you can unplug from the internet and people. Nature is always a good solution.

Today is a good day to have your hands in some dirt, hug a tree and be outside. Feel the sun on your face. Feel the breeze on your cheek. Let yourself be in the energy of what’s around you naturally and be soothed by creation’s love.

Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love 💖🙏

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