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Some extra help today

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Some extra help today

Many blessings and hoping that you are in the swing of the New Moon.

It sometimes takes a day or two when you transition from the last cycle. So if you’re feeling a bit out of sorts yesterday and today… you’ll find that going away quickly. You might be just clearing the lines for the new energy coming in 😉

Even though there is lots of external stimulus, keeping your center and walking the middle path are your keys to better days. What do I mean by walking the middle path? It means using the good to transmute what’s bad into something that is beneficial… to change yourself by bringing balance to the “double you” inside.

It means you have to see your shadow for what it is, but you can’t do that if you only try to keep yourself in a “good” space… you ultimately have to dispel the hurts and issues within you, otherwise you’re just putting a sugary coating over them, which always gets worn away until you coat them over again. For many, it’s why you keep seeking books, seminars and speakers who repeat the same kind of stuff you use to keep yourself in a “good” space. If you were really in a good space you wouldn’t need the cheerleading and simple messages that keep you in this cycle.

Instead of trying to avoid conflict and bad feelings… why not when you’re feeling great and are strong, evaluate and face what is continually bothering you? Today’s energy is asking you to put some light onto your shadow and you’ll be surprised at what you see. Most things you can dispel quickly. No need for you bring into this cycle what you don’t need anymore. Think of it like you’re getting some extra help today.

Much love 💖🙏

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