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Smell the Flowers

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Smell the Flowers

Finding moments where you feel naturally in awe, in gratitude and in love is the key to the energy of this New Moon. You don’t have to look far… it’s in the small things and mostly, in things we take as normal everyday occurrences.

How many times a day do you pet your cat or dog? Are you up at sunrise or do you take a moment to reflect on the sunset? Did you eat your favorite something today? When you left and said “I love you” on the way out… and you heard it said back at you.

Today’s New Moon energy is inviting you to reach out, and to pause and soak up the moments that you’re nurtured and loved. It’s a make sure you’re smelling all the flowers as you walk past kind of day. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Many blessings and much love.

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