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Sit in Stillness

Sit in Stillness


Life seems to be more hectic than ever, and even when we have down time there’s a hum that lingers in the background, reminding us of the happenings of the day or what still needs to be done.

While it’s so important to have time to yourself, it’s also very important to have time in stillness. What I mean by this is sitting with nothing going on at all. No TV, no music, no background noise of any kind. Just sitting for 5-10 minutes and releasing your day. While you sit just let your mind flow and see what comes to you. Over time, I think you may be surprised by what you’re told and what you learn about yourself.

Sitting in stillness was common when there were no devices, just us and nature. The stillness is so vital to our mental health and well being, it gives our minds an energy break and allows us to connect in and find real peace.

I hope you’ll give it a try and see if you can make it part of your daily spiritual practice.

Have a beautiful day