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Showing Up

Showing Up

Many blessings and much love.

Today’s energy asks you to look for what is good, what makes you smile. It’s easy to see what isn’t working but in this case, there is a lot more working for you than isn’t right now.

Take advantage of this energy. Build with this energy. Put your plans into place and put action to your plans before the end of July. There is a lot of positive support for you here and thru the veil with your guides. This is an auspicious time. You are here because you have a role to play and your light is needed.

But as the world changes, you and others are being called up, activated and it’s up to you to heed what you’re hearing. Right now it’s about showing up. And when you show up – is it genuine, truthful and honestly you? That’s what you’re being asked of right now – to find and follow your path – to show up as the true you.

You’ll know why you received this today. Believe in your connection to Spirit.

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