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Saying thank you

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Saying thank you

We’re coming up to the New Moon and you may have noticed that the energy is more active right now. You can find that you’re in a good spot, and then later in the day, feel the effects and become depleted.

When it’s like this, the veil thins and you’ll also experience more psychic activity occurring around you. So it’s a time when the forces can be more noticeably impactful.

It’s also a time when your practice can be of the greatest help to you.

Energy is in constant motion… and so keep the energy moving… when you examine too closely, you give yourself a chance for the matching vibration in you to feed or be fed by the like energy that’s traveling by. Most times this is negative.

A simple technique is to use a mantra that you come up with and can repeat to yourself when you need a pick me up, like: “I release all that has been used up. Thank you for letting me know it’s time to be more open. Thank you.”

Saying thank you is a way to bring yourself more awareness to your blessings especially when it’s hard to recognize them in the moment. This practice repeated throughout the day will help you to center yourself into a higher vibration. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Many blessings and much love 💖🙏

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