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Right Before a Full Moon

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Right Before a Full Moon

I find the energy most prickly right before a full moon, do you?

There’s a bit of rolling electricity inside that makes me want to move that energy around and out of me. It’s not a good idea to hold on to this… you want to process this like cheese cloth so the “water” can get out.

To keep this cheese cloth analogy going, what happens when you’ve processed all the liquid and you’re left with the stuff inside… is it debris, or something you want to use? You’ll have to answer that… and that’s the point… you’re coming to when the Moon is most powerful and you want the energy to be a positive influence… so create the right home inside you that fosters that 🙏

Utilize what’s good. This type of energy can move along quickly if you don’t attach or collect the negative debris that comes along in the flow. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love 💖

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