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Proud of Yourself

Proud of Yourself


It’s easy to be hard on yourself, to judge where you are and to feel like you should be further along or should be doing more. We’re taught from an early age to judge ourselves critically rather than praise ourselves for all we have achieved in this challenging life.

Today, I’d like you to take a moment to be proud of yourself for where you are, for all you’ve achieved and survived, for all the lives you’ve touched along the way and probably didn’t even realize it.

Whenever you start to be hard on yourself, I hope you’ll remind yourself…
I am amazing
I am special
I am doing my best
I will love myself with all my heart and forgive myself for anything that’s holding me back
With each day a fresh start is there for me

Then remind yourself that God is pure love, God never judges and God is within you always.

Have a beautiful day