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Planetary Conjunction and Solar Eclipse

Planetary Conjunction and Solar Eclipse

It’s going to accelerate from here – you may be feeling a bit tweaked and amped up. This energy triggers past stuff – but that should be holding less power over you. It doesn’t mean you’re not affected – just that you can get yourself out of feeling that way because you’re not creating more story to keep and build those negative feelings. Keep it up!

It’s important as you experience the negative that you process it and dispel it. That means being clear of what’s yours and what’s not, so you can shed the excess energy… which brings me to the real point of all of this which is… you are experiencing a huge onslaught of powerful energies – so your system is being overwhelmed… like drinking too much water.

There are cosmic and man-made forces which have influence. One is a product of the other… an extension and expression of cyclic events and an attempt to steer and govern our reactions to them. You are a spirit being manifesting your physical reality. You manifest by what you pray and how you live, and how you live, determines what you’re praying. That’s the yin-yang of it. So don’t take what you see happening on stage and in the media to heart. They hope the old ways still work.

I’m being told that today, on this Solstice, recognize that it is really the rebirth of you. Let a new spirit wash over you. Let your fists open. Speak kindly and thoughtfully. Be slow to act from anger and other dark forces. Put your biases away, you don’t need them anymore. You are good enough and have earned your place in this time.

Much love

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