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Personal Power

Personal Power


Who you want to be and how you live your best life is always within reach. If you think of life as merely a stage, a play where you can write the lines and create your own scenes. What part do you want to play? Who is the character you want to be?

Within each of us is the personal power to make choices for ourselves, both big and small. If you’re feeling like you’re not an active participant in your life, how can you change it?

If you’re not sure, sit in a quiet place and ask yourself:

How can I change my life so I feel more like me?
What can I do to be true to myself and the yearnings of my heart?
What’s holding me back from being my best self?
How can I regain and wield my personal power?

Then listen to what you’re told. It will be that voice deep within you, the gut feeling. The mind tells you many things that keep you in the same place or even hold you back, but your intuition, your God voice will never steer you wrong.

Have a beautiful day