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Perfect timing for change?

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Perfect timing for change?

Hard decisions come upon us when we’re required to make a big change. We often live with the uncomfortable feelings, stuck in the purgatory between the current course and an unknown one, hoping for a sign, a hand to take us away from where we are.

But it’s up to ourselves to recognize and then act on the need to make a change, even when there can be conflict and hurt created from our decision. It’s like walking on a trail, and even though you try to avoid all the critters passing underneath your feet, it’s impossible not to crush something as you tread by.

And so it is with big changes. Your best intentions can’t create perfect timing or all the right circumstances. There is no perfect timing for change – just right timing.

And… when the practical considerations are met, know that when the fear of things staying the same outweighs the fear of the unknown, then you’ll make your move. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Many blessings and much love.

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