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Passions are elevated

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Passions are elevated

There is a lot of movement in today’s energy. That’s great for getting things done, particularly like outside work, construction, things where it’s physical type work. There’s a lot of matter oriented frequency to this energy too – and when it’s like that, it means worldly desires are amped up which have a lot of implications – good and bad. Remember that passions are elevated.

This energy is part of the building force I’m feeling as we head to the full moon and eclipse. For the right circumstances you can use this energy to lift and move you forward faster and farther… like when the wave picks you up and carries you… that’s the same here. Watch where you’re being taken too. You’ll want to duck under a few of the big waves that will be too much – you’ll see them as they come up. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love 💖🙏

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