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Open and Ready, Right?

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Open and Ready, Right?

Sometimes it’s not about what is presented or what we are shown first.

When we reach out, when we become engaged in the challenges of another in order to support them…. that is a privilege, it is part of our purpose for our being here, it is how most of us move or get moved from A to B.

When we are fully open and the other person is too, the energy between becomes something special and tangible and it can be managed and directed and that’s when the real healing occurs.

The reality of change occurs in a nano-second. You may have been working on an issue for months, but it’s in that one moment, that one dialogue, one hug, one “flick of the switch” – that change is registered.

And so when you hear it’s about the journey and the path – it’s easier to understand where your real effort and concentration has been… because “change” is a product word – something else has to happen first.

And so, here we are. Arrived at this place and time… with change on the threshold… and you’re open and ready, right?

Much love 💖

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