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Nothing Will Endure, Except You

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Nothing Will Endure, Except You

The general theme I’m being shown is about you defining you in a time where all definitions are changing.

If you’re trying to form yourself out of what’s going on externally, how others feel about you, current political groups and sub-groups, then it will be an impossible task.

The outside world is in a state of dismantling. Nothing created from the old system (Pisces age) will make it in the new age. What happens now, what’s created now, is about preserving the old AND creating what’s next. It’s happening simultaneously. That’s why we’re seeing so much conflict in so many different ways.

We are at the start of, the age of Aquarius. If you anchor yourself to ideals and systems of the past age, even if they tell you it’s new today, it is a pathway to failure.

Nothing in this time will endure, except you. You have to decide to follow what’s inside your heart and how you’re guided, even if it seems hard to do because so many don’t share your perspective. This is why you’re here and why you’re needed.

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