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Nothing to Excess

Nothing to Excess


There are 3 maxims that are said to be inscribed in the temple of Apollo. They are “Know Thyself”, “Nothing to Excess” and “Certainty Brings Insanity”. Today I want to focus on Nothing to Excess.

We all know that part of the human experience is pain, but there is also pleasure that brings balance, there is always balance. The joys of life… delicious food, a glass of wine, staying up late to have fun with friends, are all there to feed our soul, to provide a break from the challenges we face daily. These pleasures of life can become the problems of life when taken in excess, the overdoing of them can wreak havoc on the body and spirit.

Always try to keep things in balance. You can’t be in the light 100% of the time, you can’t be in a state of joy 100% of the time, but if you can find balance and enjoy the wonderful parts of life to offset the not so great, the soul will feel more in balance, and in turn, you will be happier.

Next time we will discuss, Certainty Brings Insanity…

Have a beautiful day.