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Not yet formed, developing

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Not yet formed, developing

Are you having a hard time with focusing right now? Motivation isn’t easy either. It’s hard right now to get a ton of things done. It’s almost like we’re kind of here and not here at the same time… cloudy, not yet formed, developing.

So when the energy is like this – it’s good for you to do the work that is in front of you and to just do that. Don’t think of what you have next to do, or when you’ll be done. Try to hone your attention to just what’s in front of you. As the day goes on, this energy will diminish.

Less about insulation right now too. You need to let this energy wash over you and allow it to leave. Do your best to keep the negative from sticking to you. How? Find something to give some love to. Express it inside you. Even say it out loud, “Oh Hi hummingbird, aren’t you beautiful this morning…” Find your “beginner’s mind” again. Remember when you were a child? Everything seemed new and filled with wonder. That’s your ‘shoshin’ – your beginner’s mind. It’s a good day to reawaken that in you.

Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love 💖🙏