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Not Deciding Is Deciding

Not Deciding Is Deciding


When you have an important decision to make it can be overwhelming, you don’t want to choose the wrong option and send yourself in a direction that isn’t good for you or have negative consequences to deal with. But if you don’t decide, you have decided, because the decision will be made for you. Energy is constantly in motion and if you don’t set the course, it will be set for you. These moments can cause anxiety or fear because you don’t want to be responsible for the wrong choice.

Try to let go of the fear and trust your instincts. You know deep within you what you need, and it’s better for you to make the call and choose what you feel is right, than for it to be chosen for you by default. You can believe in what you’re told and trust in your inner voice, if you let it be chosen for you it may not be where you want or need to go.

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