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Not Answering

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Not Answering

Many blessings 🙏 Today’s energy can be tricky, but you have the maneuverability in it, so it’s best if you re-direct your energy from the negative to the neutral or positive if you don’t want the some of the dregs of downer-ness that are left over from this last wave that’s now moving out. 

Breaking that down, the theme today is really about.. not answering, and keeping your focus on productive things. Imagine the way sonar looks, and you’re a dot on a screen, and you see a pulse go out (a ping)… and you see that sweep over your dot… you can “ping” back… or you can choose not to answer. I’m saying don’t answer that ping!

Redirect your energy into something productive. You can do that! Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love!

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