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New Moon power from love

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New Moon power from love

Welcome to the New Moon. You will notice over the next 2 weeks some building tension in the collective conscious. The “collective” is all the people on the planet – and what all them feel like as one energy.

In this cycle, you’ll see more energy building in the collective, and continued bursting at the seams that manifest into event over here and another over there… which are mini-representations of what occurs when big changes are on the horizon.

The New Moon is the inhale, building, filling the open space left from your work over the last two weeks (or non-work which creates a stacking of negativity). So the collective is filling up with what? And for you?

During this time, use your practice and good intentions not to be pulled into group-think, but to harness the New Moon power to create good things, do good things and spread a loving vibration.

A small amount of love can undo a great amount of negative energy. It’s not proportionate – but it is in balance. (To simplify 1 good thing negates 10 bad things – btw, this is not a real formulae just a simple explanation). But you get the picture.

You also know that the loving vibration you spread, undoes more than just what you have done… but what others have or are doing. It’s how group think becomes a positive thing when it’s not born from manipulation and power over each other… but because we all share in a loving spirit that empowers each of us individually for good, because we are made from what’s good. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Many blessings and much love.

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