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Moving Matter To Spirit

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Moving Matter To Spirit

There is a lot of abundance for you right now. There are many positive things that are happening for you and to you and the energetic shift is taking place. Allow the process to happen. Try not to bring negativity with you.

Change brings uncertainty and uncertainty brings fear. Fear is a motivator but becomes the reason we do and don’t do some things. We become avoiders of this fear and so we allow it to exist and distract us because we haven’t addressed it. We allow it to keep doors closed to us.

But right now, this is your time to address these fears, to face any of these concerns you have. This is your time to drop this stuff so that you have room and are open to receive this next stage of energy that’s showing up. It’s self responsibility time – self reliance and what that means to you.

There are many different type of realities occurring simultaneously for different types of people and the consciousness they hold. Think about that – you can almost become anything and many will during the next 6 months. You are going to see a devolution of laws, perspective and expectations from a large set of people over here, and yet you are also going to see abundance, digital opportunity and good times for this other set of people over there.

How are you positioned as the new future becomes your present? That’s what I mean by defining what’s important and how to respond to the shifting technology and social manipulation which comes with it. What you should be focusing in on is how what’s going on outside is related specifically to you and your family’s well-being – not the politics and confrontational agendas promoted – but really, just the direct impact to your philosophy, ability and capacity to care for you and your inner circle going forward.

You looking to see what’s going on, should be so you can think about and figure out how you want to set yourself up, and that you’re not just carried into a future that cannot account for your needs and that is coming on so soon. THIS IS ABOUT BEING TRULY AWAKE.

If the system is unclear in its own development, what is is, what it will ultimately become, and who profits versus who used to profit, while the old system and different players are still fighting to be relevant now too… Then how can yours (the average human’s well-being) be a factor in all that’s going on right now?

It can’t – and that’s how people become “in the way of progress” and that’s the way people feel they are being treated, that is how they will be treated, there is a growing negative energy associated with that, and which will also impact what will happen, and the energy of what is to follow in the coming months.

So, Spirit is telling you, shaking you to open your eyes, open your heart and see what is coming, and also to take stock as to what is important to you as things change and the energy shifts. What are the things you will hold onto when the old support systems are gone? The sorting is upon us and most will continue to move toward matter – how are you moving your matter toward Spirit?

Many blessings 🙏

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