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Move yourself out of the way

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Move yourself out of the way

We often think that what we’re feeling is ours. As we learn more, we find that we receive in certain frequencies from cosmic influences, zodiacal forces, and events taking place here on planet.

All of these energies act to soothe and disturb our energy body. We don’t typically generate negative currents, we react to or respond to the stimulus presented and then take on that energy and grow it with our own power.

I’m saying this to you because many feel they are the cause of their unhappiness. You have the power to change and affect your circumstance. But first you need to move yourself out of the way. You may say that your action or inaction caused whatever situation you find yourself in… yes, that is true. But it started with your misreading of the event and then exacerbated by actions you took based upon that misreading.

The point of your spiritual practice is for you to find clarity and for you to be able to guide yourself and receive guidance. You can approach everything in your life from your pain body or from your light body. You have to decide where you source your own power. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love 💖🙏

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