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Making your way through

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Making your way through

We are in a time when what you thought was true, will be proven not to be. If you’re not clear on you, on your being-ness, then what happens outside of you, around you, will affect and change your outlook about the world and who you are, and your place in it.

As we enter fully into the next age, the old age has to break down. This transition time is about adaptability, but not without taking you with you.

It’s not adapting if you adopt the current narrative – which isn’t based on loving principles, but on power, control and building divisiveness so those in power can try to stay there. But they too will fall and be replaced. It’s just a matter of time.

So what are we to do during this transition?

Practice your practice. Evaluate the propaganda to see if it is positive, contains a loving understanding, or is it something else? Are you going along with or do you believe in what you’re seeing? If not, bolstering yourself from a loving energy and being clear on what’s important to you are key factors in making your way through.

There are going to be many challenges and changes coming soon… a lot of propaganda to build confusion and to break people down and get them to comply. Decide where you fit or don’t. Know yourself. Examine what is really true and latch on to that. Btw, what’s true won’t be what’s said to you… but what you feel deep inside.

Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love 💖🙏

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