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Make Room for the Good

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Make Room for the Good

Good day everyone! We’re heading to the New Moon this week and so for many, some tweaking, triggering and added anxiety are occurring.

A way to move this energy along is to let it flow and not build more story around it. If you aren’t able to dispel what’s bothering you, redirecting this energy is best.

To redirect energy means to shift your personal perspective from you to your purpose, and then, to put action to it. It’s a 2 stepper… you have to shift where you are sourcing yourself from. Move your self out of pain into loving feeling – and then apply that energy.

This can be a really good week for completing to do’s and finalizing projects. This is the end of the exhale phase, contraction… so shift your perspective and make room for the good coming in the next cycle.

Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love!

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