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Like before a rain

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Like before a rain

It’s monsoon season here in the desert and it’s appropriate that I’m being shown a picture of the land right before a rain storm. I’m sensing the different smells, irregular wind and all the critter noises that let you know, they know, that rain is coming.

There is some build up right before the rain. You can feel it and the atmosphere changes and you can smell water in the air.

The energy today is a lot like it is right before a rain.

You can feel that things are changing, there is some build up, and it seems everything around you is being stirred up. When the energy is like this – you can really feel the electricity in the air – like it is when lightening starts flashing, announcing the coming of the rain.

So use this energy to feed your senses and to welcome what’s coming in. It will wash away the dirt and heat and leave you feeling grateful for the water. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Many blessings and much love.

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