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Like at a Carnival

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Like at a Carnival

Can you envision a spinning wheel and there is a cut-out big enough for you to go thru, but you have to move quickly once it gets around…

So you wait, and then go thru… but then there is another, but the floor is wonky too… and then another… that is the energy of today. So up, down, sideways… like a game being played.

It means you’ll have to bring some patience and be willing to focus on each wheel as it comes up, and what’s needed so you can get through. Then, on to the next one.

Don’t stay in any one place/problem/task too long … deal with it and go on to the next. The key here I must mention is that you’re not focused at all on what you’ve done before. Each new wheel is the focus.

Go ahead and set your intentions now. Many blessings and much love.

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