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Like An Energy Wave Over The Planet

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Like An Energy Wave Over The Planet

I’m seeing dark space, stars and cosmic elements flying by. As I look around, I witness these forces and energies swirling and swarming over our planet and all the planets in our solar system. As I work my way toward Earth, I can see how these forces are enveloping the planet, influencing the planet, changing the planet and the frequency of the planet. It’s like an energetic wave sweeping across, and the result is a sorting from those things material-centric and those things spiritual-centric.

It is a new beginning born out of the old. One must let the old pass so that the new may come into being. But you’ll find that there is always resistance at first and a holding onto what was, by those who don’t want such substantial change, or a grasping onto of what’s left… but over time, it all breaks down and it will all break down.

And as above, so below. And this specifically, works on you individually too. So right now, the energy of now, says to you to sort out the old, to let go of past hurts, and to open yourself and empty your cup so you can fill it with what’s going to be coming up.

If you take this old energy forward, you’ll miss what you need, and you’ll carry what you don’t need into a future that doesn’t need it.

This is the tough part because many will want to maintain their current circumstance… spiritually and energetically and materially even when they are shown it’s not working and will continue to not work. They will hope that it will go back to the way it was if they keep on keeping on. Most will choose distraction over wanting to see what’s really happening. Most will keep their head down and do their day and ignore the signs building around them until the big change is upon them.

Spirit tells me to share with you what I’m shown. Hoping that you are being called to examine what’s happening now. That you are seeing what you can leave behind, and that there is love for you to give and receive in this emerging new world. It is your destiny.

Many blessings!

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