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Letting Go of Fear

Letting Go of Fear


Fear is a useful emotion when you’re in danger, when you need to react and find a solution in order to save yourself. Fear that sits with you and keeps you from acting, and keeps you from living a happy life can be debilitating. If you find that fear sits with you or is your first thought when a new situation arises, you’re not alone. Many people have fearful thoughts every day and find it hard to let them go.

There are all different kinds of fear; fear of loss, fear of failure, fear of the unknown…and they all make life challenging. So what can you do to ease this, to make it fade into the background a bit more? When you find yourself feeling fearful ask yourself what you’re really afraid of. Then try to imagine the best possible outcome of the situation you’re fearing. What if something positive could come from it? What if that outcome never happens at all? While you’re thinking about the possibility of something positive happening breathe in deeply and try to calm your energy. Be aware of your breath coming in through your nose and out of your mouth.

Try to release the negative trigger and picture something that makes you happy, something that puts your mind at ease. It’s a slow shifting of the fear response, and working on it over time that will help you to begin to respond differently. Be patient with yourself, and know that you’re doing your best. You’re never alone, God’s love is always with you, you’re always guided.

Have a beautiful day