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Leave the outside world, outside

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Leave the outside world, outside

Today, in the collective, I’m feeling added pressure building. There is always an ebb and flow to group energy… and as the stimulus is over for the people where the peak spiked as the wave moves on… these people over here are just now feeling it. So it’s not often that everyone is feeling the same thing.

I say that with the understanding that lunar energy affects everyone – just like it affects all the water on the planet. It is a pervasive influence. Energy builds and expands as we head to the Full Moon naturally. Everyone is affected by its intensity and will react in 2 ways when triggered – going in or blasting out. In either approach, the underlying vibe is that we are processing the stimulus we’re feeling as a negative experience and so it adds to, and fosters the group collective anxiety that I’m picking up.

We are in a time of cosmic transition which means big changes on our planet. For some of us, this time will be tremendously disruptive to our worldview and circumstances. For others, it won’t be so traumatic – they’ll just adapt to the changes. For the 1st group – reality is based upon what’s happening in the material world… for the 2nd group, reality is based upon how they are, or not, relating to what’s happening in the material world. You’ll want to make sure you’re in the 2nd group.

So back to what I’m reading… in a week we have the Full Moon and Lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse means the earth’s shadow stands between the Sun and the Moon… powerful negative forces are propped up in this time – which is also adding to this increase in the collective anxiety I’m picking up. As above, so below.

When the energy is like this, reach out to your real practice… what is that, you ask? It’s what you do naturally that brings you higher or a sense of peace. It’s when you, are being you, fully. It’s when you are feeling more than what’s going on with just you and you’re seeing the big picture. It’s when you let go to what your purpose is by just living it instead of spending all your time trying to find it. Bring yourself back to you and Spirit and leave the outside world, outside.

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