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Know Thyself

Know Thyself


There are 3 maxims that are said to be inscribed in the temple of Apollo. They are “Know Thyself”, “Nothing to Excess” and “Certainty Brings Insanity”. Today I want to focus on Know Thyself.

The experience of life is all about knowing yourself and finding greater understanding as you proceed in your journey. Who are you really, deep down within yourself? Do you truly know who you are?

We all have a special divine light in us that is meant to shine brightly as the true expression of who we are. For your light to truly shine there needs to be trust in what you’re told and time taken to listen to your inner voice, and to pay attention to how you affect others and how they affect you. True understanding comes when you allow yourself to be authentically you and follow that feeling, those desires deep within you. It also means that you work to shift patterns of behavior that are unpleasant or that negatively impact others.

The work of knowing yourself is continuous. Who we are changes as our life changes, as we learn and grow. If you approach your life with a Know Thyself mantra, the beauty of life will unfold for you, since you’re always trying to be your best self.

Next time we will discuss, Nothing to Excess…

Have a beautiful day.