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Keep yourself collected

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Keep yourself collected

If you can envision a scale weighing grain… as more is added, more pressure on the plate, and the scale’s arm moves as a result of the new weight added. The energy is like that today – adding weight and shifting the pressure.

Imagine as flood waters rise, there is a rain shower which comes, making already tough conditions, tougher.

There are currents in energy waves – which means that a bigger wave is needed for the other minor energies to have a carrier… more cosmic forces are at work right now (the wave) and the minor energies that ride this (today’s energy) are bringing out those areas where the wave and the minor energy frequencies are shared – which is then, amplified.

So there will be 2 places this energy can go… it can manifest like more wood on the flame in you, or; it can be dispersed so it doesn’t add weight to the pressure that’s already building from the larger, cosmic forces.

Today’s energy invites you to keep yourself collected.

If you’re feeling pressurized or overwhelmed, take a moment to breath in for 4 counts and exhale for 4 counts several times. This will help you bring your parts back together.

Stand your ground – you can part this energy as you move thru it. Just because it may be slow going at first, today’s energy doesn’t have the wherewithal to prevent your progress.

Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love 💖🙏

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