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Judgment to Joy

Judgment to Joy


We’ve been programmed from an early age to judge others, to look at other people with scrutiny and even compare them against ourselves as a measure of our own success or self worth. What if this continuous output of judgmental energy could be applied to more positive thoughts and feelings?

If you look at someone who passes you by and think something negative like, that’s an ugly shirt or why does he wear his hair like that, see if you can shift the voice in your head and change it to, I like their unique style or they have a nice smile.

Try to look for the good in people rather than what you’ve been taught to see as bad. Every person has the right to look how they do, wear what they want to wear, eat what they like, listen to music that makes them happy. Life can be challenging and each of us is trying to find peace in the craziness and joy amongst the sadness. By changing your thoughts and retraining yourself to look for the positive, I bet you’ll feel a lot better about yourself and will help to shift the energy of the collective in a wonderful way.

There is love and positivity in all of us and we’re meant to share it with each other. So go out into the world and give your amazingness to others.

Have a beautiful day