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It’s Time To Let Go And Receive

It’s Time To Let Go And Receive

When we’re coming up on a New Moon – you’ll find the energy is helpful for you to let go of those hurts and end perspectives that are no longer useful. It is the attachment to these forces that attract more of the same and keep you in a rut or receiving the same lessons over again.

The Moon cycle and its phases work with you to support and empower you through your enlightenment.  But your growth and understanding comes over time and it takes time for you to be moved from one point to another. You are not alone and you receive help and guidance from this world and outside of this world.

There is an element of divine intervention and grace regarding you. You are special. Your light is special and you carry this light as your beacon for what you are and it’s the electro-magnetic frequency that you share and vibrate out – consciously and unconsciously.

So at this specific time, two focus areas for you:

1) Letting go of emotions, feelings, and energy surrounding anger and fear and negative thoughts about your validity and purpose and value. 

2) When you’re not letting go… put your good energy into visualizing receiving what it is you are wanting. Generating the energy of that feeling as if you already had it, is the key to manifesting it.

For the next few days, this is the transition time between the completing Moon cycle and the beginning of another New Moon and new moon cycle. Think of it like an energetic breath – automatically building and releasing and building again… as the Moon moves through its phases, reflecting the Sun’s energy and sharing its own energy too.

Use the energy of now to clear, ground and solidify your plans for the next 60 days. Make sure you eliminate all unnecessary work and distractions. Put your attention to the key elements of you and your family’s well being – what do you need to feel more secure and stable? What actions can you put into place to achieve that? 

So eliminate distractions and your bad perspectives, and strip things down to their basic elements so you have clarity and can receive direction from Spirit. Don’t allow the emotional charge of the circumstance to direct you. Don’t allow the emotional charge of others to trigger you. This is your time to come into your strength and your own. Soon you’ll know why your path has taken all the twists and turns to put you here, now.

More will be happening around you, and to you throughout this year. Be grounded, genuine and seek out and come from a loving and grateful spirit. It’s what will prop you up and open the doors of abundance to you when it seems like most are dipping into an opposite experience.

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