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It’s Really About Your Spark

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It’s Really About Your Spark

The more I am around people, the more I realize that a kind word and some compassion can change how everyone relates to each other. If you let one person’s negative energy lead, then that kind of energy builds and becomes the predominant force, the main vibration that attracts more of the same.

More and more as we move into the new age, the overriding zeitgeist will be one of confusion, change, disruption and adjustment. Any of these issues cause dis-ease within the individual along with their normal stressors and how they respond to that. So imagine tons of people already reacting to their normal lives only their normal lives are no longer normal – how will that play out?

This is the message I’m sharing with you as we pass thru the summer working our way toward year ending. Right now, it’s important to sure yourself up, to establish your plans for all sorts of changes to what is normal to our daily processes. Many areas of supply and delivery are under revision. There is a geopolitical wealth transfer occurring. So wait until you see how all this is going before you try to make sense of the landscape. Important to ground. Important to have solutions for your family and inner circle. You want to create an environment of stability and security at home when the outside world is in chaos. How can you do that? Spend some time thinking on that.

I’ve spent a lot of time on 3rd dimensional needs here, but really this is about the disposition of your spark, your light, your soul. It’s always a spirit-mind-body matter when you’re dealing with matter. And that’s the point of the change occurring in this age too – that Spirit is ultimately in the background and has waiting power and guidance you can access, even with the all the controls and hurdles distracting you from that awareness.

This is a dualistic system which means there is equal good and bad in the model. Most people gravitate to the negative leaving an abundance of good for less and less to share as more and more choose to share the bad energy. Think on that. Where are you sourcing yourself? As more changes occur to this system, how many will choose opportunity, light, and good over the negative and dark that’s easier to see, experience and latch on to?

So this is the time to embrace your practice, embrace Spirit and connect to something greater than what you’ll find here so you are not lost, so that you don’t find yourself lost. Distraction will seem more acceptable and a lot easier to digest than examining truth and reality as we move forward this year. I’m reminding you to stare into the dark – don’t run from it. No fear. Choose where you are sourcing your energy from – ultimately it’s only 2 forces… It’s always your decision.

Many blessings and much love!

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