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It’s Opening Up

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It’s Opening Up

Good morning everyone! If you’ve been working thru the swirly, disruptive energy over the last week, you’ll be glad to know the energies are now straight forward.

If you can visualize a dust devil, and how you can see the effects in the dust being blow this and that, a funnel, more zipping… that’s how the energy has been. Now it’s more like all coming from the same direction… and so no swirling and back forth.

When the energy is like this, it washes over you, helping you move all sorts of stuff out and away. That’s good and it’s born from grace, giving you some time before the new moon to clear out in a non-stressful way.

It’s a really good time to apply yourself to your goals and plans. So get clear on what you’re doing and then get to the doing. Some walls have come down for you so take advantage of the openings. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love!

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