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It’s natural for the parts of you to shift and reorganize

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It’s natural for the parts of you to shift and reorganize

When you’re in a dense wave of energy, it will have emotional, mental and physical effects. So you might find yourself waking up after dozing off at strange times of the day. You might find your mind a bit cloudy and that you’re feeling anxious or overcharged. Patience and compassion usually take a back seat to avoidance and passiveness as you try to form yourself back together. If this is happening to you right now, if the last week has been one challenge after another and you’re not sure you’re even on top, know that we’re almost through it. When we are processing more than we can filter out… it’s natural for the parts of you to shift and reorganize. That reaction opens up areas of yourself that have been closed off and so whatever was there is released and you then must process through it. So old patterns and stories emerge and physical ailments long cured reawaken. Use your practice to calm yourself and instead of processing, let it wash over you. Sometimes it’s easier to dive under the wave as it’s passing. Go ahead and set your intentions. Much love.

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