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It’s kind of like traveling

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It’s kind of like traveling

Don’t miss your ride!

When things begin to pile up on you and you’re not sure the direction you should take… When along with things piling up, you also feel the disappointment of missed opportunities from your past, and you’re trying to make progress now without creating more bad feelings like you did then…

We are all seeking the right answers for ourselves. But when you’re overwhelmed, unfortunately, we gravitate toward pain avoidance and what is the quickest way to remove the pain we are feeling, instead of accepting the pain as part of the process for change.

It’s kind of like traveling. You still have an hour to go, but your butt hurts from the sitting and your legs are begging to be moved for real. But you always make it. You just have to be uncomfortable until the car stops.

And so it is with the energy of now. Make sure you’re not giving up on opportunities that can change your life permanently for the better just because you’re trying to avoid the pain at the beginning of the shift which is the necessary component for change to occur. I’m saying to you, don’t miss the trip because you have some experience traveling and you know there is some riding in the car you don’t want to do. Put things into a proper perspective. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love 💖🙏

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