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If you pray like this

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If you pray like this

The energy has been more dense over the last few days.

Density means thicker, more pressure exerted. If the energies are triggering you, then what’s coming out isn’t in alignment with your future and you need to find a way to dispel it.

If you’re not being triggered, it means you’ve worked out these issues already, and so you should be working with this energy on what you want to manifest. This is how you create – consciously and unconsciously. What you’re vibing out is what you’re praying all day long.

So how do you work with this energy to change your vibe more positively?

To get the most out of today’s energy, as an example, “you want to feel loved”… so think of a time and place where you felt loved… and sit with that moment. You don’t have to ask anything… by being in that moment and generating the energy field of that moment, you are working with the energy of what you want and you’re creating more of it. Imagine what you’re building up if you get to this feeling place a few times a day? Imagine what can happen if you pray like this for someone else?

Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love 💖🙏

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