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If You Are Open To It

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If You Are Open To It

It’s one thing to describe energy and another to live it. If you are offered options, if you are shown signs and given opportunities are you open to receive them?

Right now, do you think it’s questioning time, or is it hearing Spirit and acting time?

If you question why or wonder what happens if you listen to what you’re shown, you will become distracted and lose track of what your priorities should be. You will discourage yourself and trade more feel-good content and activities in-lieu instead.

Good is available, it’s ever-present and it’s your inheritance – this is the value of your practice – which is your way to connect to Spirit. It is the map to grounding and focusing your energy to those areas which can have you solid and stable when you’re experiencing a not-so-stable-set-of-events. Your practice allows you how and where to find gratitude on the inside when it’s not feeling that way on the outside. It’s how you manifest – it’s how you attract good when you’re enveloped in, and negative energy abounds. It’s how things go well for you when everything around you seems to be in flux.

But if you’re not open to receiving this grace and love, then how you can you attain it, live with it, and have it as a normal part of your experience? The level of your abundance received is equal to your belief on how much you think you are worth the good that’s available and waiting on you.

You deserve more. You must believe in your value. This is your focus for now. This is the lesson you must learn finally – that you have to say “I am here. I am here on purpose with purpose”. That purpose is always more than just you.

You must have faith that the signs you are shown, that the type of questions you are hearing, are your signs and questions, and come with answers for you too. There is always good energy in flow – how much of it you can accept is all about how much value you place in you being here. Fill yourself big.

Much love and many blessings!

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