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How you think of yourself

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How you think of yourself

For a long time you’ve been holding on to a portion of your identity as [ fill in the blank ]. But that no longer is feeling like reality and so you can’t pretend any longer to be that [ fill in the blank ]. You have changed, you have morphed into something else because you used to be [ ], but you’re not that any longer. You know you can’t claim that aspect anymore.

Maybe you’ve aged, maybe your temperament has changed… if you are growing yourself, you can’t expect to stay anything… that’s the point. That’s why defining yourself in some ways also limits you. You are not and really never have been just [ what ever you thought you were ].

Today’s energy is about coming to terms with this change in your identity without lament. You’re not weaker, you are not diminished. You have grown, you have changed and have adapted yourself by what you’ve learned and what you have become. Today, bring all the pieces of you back home (become grounded)… and then let go of this old picture of you, you’ve been clinging to. Make room for you to see what you CAN call yourself now.

Go ahead and set your intentions now. Many blessings and much love.

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