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How You Show Up

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How You Show Up

Today, the power of you and a Full Moon.

Take a moment today, and be with the energy of the Moon. When it’s full, it means it is opposite of the Sun and so you have our 2 luminaries at full power, emitting strong influences on our planet.

We are working with the power of the Sun, plus the energy of the Moon’s own power, plus the Sun’s energy reflected and transmuted by the Moon… the missing part here is how you take on these energies and react or transmute them. You (we) complete the circuit.

This is a special day where you’re not digging up the past or your typical hurts. The total energy is kinetic and moving. It’s about completing tasks, finishing your work, and your good intentions and prayers can be amplified by these energies.

This energy is showing you that your needs have less priority to what’s needed from you, by those around you. Lean away from your desires and lean into what is the right path in the wider context. You need to re-evaluate how you take care of you, what you’re expecting from the world, and how you show up in it. Are you carrying mostly resentment or gratitude for your circumstances? You can use the energy today to help you clear and realign.

Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love 💖🙏

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