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Hold On, Things Are Changing

Hold On, Things Are Changing

Many blessings! I am called to give you an important message. Please share.

This is a powerful time. You are here on purpose, now. Energy is moving, swirling and being put into motion. Things will never be the same as we go forward. We are under new direction and that direction is not apparent or clear yet and won’t be for some time. It is under development as power, wealth and new ways to lead emerge.

I want to give you a longer view of the energy this year. We are in a time of transition that is going to last for the next 24 + months. So I want you to have a bigger perspective of the changes taking place.

We are ending one age and beginning a new one. Welcome to the age of Aquarius. Old systems are breaking down, while new ones emerge. I am recommending you leave politics and the current divisive paradigm and constant negative programming behind – this methodology is falling apart and is dead and is part of old systems working its last legs.

Change brings disruption and high tensions. It’s not just about what happens when people are unprepared for what change brings, but the big effects are in the dismantling of world views that are brought about at the same time and that means the people have to find something else to accept as true.

That means that when what you thought is true is proven as not – something fills that vacuum. Many will make wrong choices and choose negative belief systems when their original views are disbanded. This is why you see lots of evil, lemming behavior in times of distress and war.

In this next 24 months, all aspects of life are being and will be affected – money systems, war, poverty, displacement, power/water, food, medical and weather/climate conditions. These issues will be regional and then regional issues will stack on other regional issues creating stresses everywhere. This becomes more apparent after summer and heading into fall this year.

This isn’t a call for you to be fearful but a message to be aware and to make sure you are grounded. Pay attention to what’s going on, but don’t be taken away by it. Strong emotions have their own power and you want to source yourself from Spirit, not from the material offerings here – particularly when they are breaking down. This is a sorting time.

So what I’m being shown is that there is going to be continued pressure building after the summer, increased job losses, increased prices, food, medical and war concerns building to the winter. Power and water issues start to be factors in many regions. There will start to be more geologic affects occurring too as we head to year-ending and into next year. It would be good for you to look at your current circumstances and see how they line up with what’s coming ahead. That’s the purpose of seeing – not to avoid but to be prepared.

With all this disruption, it is also a time of great advantage and opportunity. Everyone has a unique path. If you set yourself up correctly – you can make this a special and productive time for you and those close to you. We can help you navigate these forces and support your next right steps.

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