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Having Courage

Having Courage


I’m on a personal journey for happiness, to seek out the things that make me feel authentically like myself and that bring me continued joy. I read a quote recently that deeply resonated with me. It said, “The courage it takes to leave behind what’s not for you anymore is the same courage that will help you find your way to what is.”

I think courage can be one of the more challenging things when it comes to redefining your life. It requires not only breaking old habits but trying new things that may make you uncomfortable, and may even be a bit scary. But that’s what life should be all about, pushing limits, taking the leap, seeing what you’re truly made of.

What do you want this lifetime of yours to be? How courageous are you willing to be to achieve it?

Everything you need is within you, God made you perfect. Love yourself and let go, and watch your life unfold.

Have a beautiful day