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Generosity and Abundance

Generosity and Abundance


Today, Generosity and Abundance

I’ve heard many times that to be abundant you need to be generous and give money to others and then it will be returned to you, the karmic cycle. I believe abundance comes from generosity in all things; your time, your money, your love…but I also think it goes a step further. I believe that abundance comes from giving generously and not expecting anything in return. Giving to help others and to make the world a better place is truly what abundance is. If you give to others with no expectation or concern for receiving anything back, then that is abundance in its purest form, for you and the recipient.

There are endless opportunities to share abundance with others and it doesn’t mean giving money. Give of yourself in big and small ways, share what you have with others and let it fill you up. If you let go to it, that vibration will stay with you and will permeate your life with true abundance in many different and unexpected ways. And most importantly it will put out positivity into the world, and we definitely need more of that.

Have a beautiful day