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Fear as a catalyst

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Fear as a catalyst

There are 2 groups of energies I want to discuss and their effects on you. Cosmic (which is the Sun, Moon, galactic waves, astrology-related, plus a few more) and earthly (which is gaia, plants, animals, humans and things of the matter world, here).

So think of these 2 collective energy bodies as waves that overlap each other.

Where they meet and extend, is where chaos, resistance and destruction is bred. These are the areas of conflict between the energies. This takes place naturally, in balance and in seen and unseen ways. It’s how evolution and creation are fueled. Out of chaos, order.

When both energy bodies are in a state of expansion, a building up… the areas outside and inside you that are in the same vibration where these 2 energy bodies meet, are dramatically affected. It’s what’s happening now and why so many are anxiety-ridden.

So two things, you need to resolve those areas which are disturbed by these energies – transmute or dispel these pains, and you no longer are controlled by them. AND you need to source your energy from the right flow. Which is really looking at what you’re tapped into.

Now more than ever, your practice is especially important. It will give you wings so you can see more clearly what’s happening around you and how you should be responding. Remember, fear can’t fly, you have to pack it with you. Your practice helps you to look at fear as a catalyst, an opposing force which can propel us to great heights.

Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love 💖🙏

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