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Don’t Lower Your Vibration For Theirs

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Don’t Lower Your Vibration For Theirs

The energy has been a solid line instead of a pulsating one. When it’s like this, it’s geared at penetration – which also means it’s not about saturation. This is an energy that says join me or I’ll go thru you or you’ll move out of my way. It comes with its own eco-system and emotional signatures and triggers. And so if you can think of it like a contained bubble that floated into your path and is affecting your bubble. It’s not permanent but left unattended, it can have long-term and negative effects.

This is another layer to what’s going on right now. We have to hone in on, and focus down to what’s important to ourselves uniquely. Mostly, we want to learn from others or have them lead the way. But what the energy is really helping you to do is… you were born to shine brightly in your own unique way. If others try to make you feel badly about that, always remember to never lower your vibration to theirs.

Much love 🙏

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