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Deep rooted hurts coming up?

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Deep rooted hurts coming up?

Powerful stuff occurring as we head toward the Full Moon. You may be experiencing some added jooosh at the moment – and a couple of those deep things are resurfacing. What if you could resolve them – right now? I want you to consider this.

Even though it’s painful to face these deep rooted hurts… these have been recurring and are always in the background… how many hours of pain and introspection have you given them? When is the fear of things staying the same in you going to motivate you enough to take action?

You can dispel these deep hurts. Now it’s not so much about the hurts, but what it means for you in big changes once you do what you have to do to resolve them. Right now, these hurts have power over you. Its freeing when you drop these big stones… imagine the heights you’ll experience without the load.

Go ahead and set your intentions now. Many blessings and much love.

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