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Deep Hurts

Deep Hurts


One of my friends passed from cancer today, I met him at the cancer treatment center where my husband was also being treated for cancer. My husband passed last summer. Hearing of my friend’s passing triggered me deeply, there was this huge outpouring of emotion when I heard the news. It was like reliving my husband’s death all over again. I wasn’t especially close to this man, but his wife has become my friend, we supported each other as we tried to save our husbands’ lives.

Grief has this way of coming at you when you least expect it. All seems to be going OK and then wham you’re in this pool of emotion and gut wrenching sadness. If you’ve experienced a deep hurt, I would guess you’re familiar with this as well. There are the small triggers that seem to linger in the background while you try to go on with your day, and then the big ones that seemingly bring you to your knees.

If you’re going through it, you’re not alone, many of us are right there with you, it’s part of our journey in this lifetime. Something we can ultimately learn from.

I’m sending you a big wave of love and healing energy today, and a reminder that God’s love is always with you, no judgment, no pain, just pure love.

Have a beautiful day