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Today, after the New Moon, you’ll find it much easier to be present with the feelings of what you want. The last couple of days have been a mix from the energies of the ending moon cycle and the beginning of the new one… and so wasn’t an easy break between the two. I think this is good representation for what we’ll be experiencing this year. 

Usually when a cycle ends and a new one begins, there is a pause between the two. It’s like when you throw something up in the air and in that moment at its peak, the object is neither ascending or falling… that’s the pause between this moon cycle (and upcoming ones) that we’re missing.

When the energy is like this, knowing yourself, what is you and what isn’t, is really important in how you work through what is continued stimulus. If you find yourself taking on negative feelings, using your practice to clear yourself throughout the day will help to keep you in balance. Don’t forget, Nature is there to help too… go out in it and you’ll receive extra assistance in clearing and grounding yourself.

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